Ballon Bandit

INTI Théâtre


Theatre for young audiences from 2.5 years old

« a few David Bowie’s vinyls and a yellow balloon transform loneliness into a refreshing and poetic pop-rock experience. »

The performance


Pierre-Paul Constant only needs a few David Bowie’s vinyls and a yellow balloon to transform loneliness into a refreshing and poetic pop-rock experience. With them, he invents new dances and creates an improbable sizzling sensation. While dancing with his balloon, this misfit with tender muscles is brimming with energy. Kids will only have one thing in mind: To Get into the groove!
Ballon Bandit is a theater-dance show: physical, musical, playful and poetic.

On stage, a character, Tom. He is in his own world, it could be a lunar and deserted planet or a room furnished only with a vinyl turntable and its speakers. Tom is alone but suddenly a Balloon appears. A yellow helium balloon, like the ones that all toddlers know perfectly well. The kind of balloon that amazes us so much that even when we become adult we are still fascinated with. Through dance, music and games, Tom travels and poetizes. Little by little, to feel less lonely, he personifies Balloon and they both get carried away through dance.

Ballon Bandit celebrates the joy of the imagination, the pleasure of the dance, the pain of the loss, the joy of finally being reunited, the dizziness of living in space, of floating in it. Ballon Bandit makes our senses sparkle.


A INTI Théâtre Production in co-production with Centre Culturel de Verviers, Pierre de Lune Centre Scénique Jeunes Publics de Bruxelles and the Coop asbl. With the help of the Service du Théâtre de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, and the support of Shelterprod, Taxshelter.be, ING and the Tax-Shelter of the Belgian federal government. In partnership with Théâtre de la Montagne Magique, EKLA pour tous, Théâtre Mercelis, Centre culturel Bruegel, Centre culturel Wolubilis, Centre Culturel de Chênée, La Roseraie, Le Théâtre des 4 mains, Espace de danse A petit pas de Mytilène/ Grèce.



Creation and interpretation Pierre-Paul Constant
Stage Director Didier Poiteaux
Assistant Stage Director Céline Dumont
Choreographic accompaniment Dominique Duszynski
Set design Marilyne Grimmer
Costumes Perrine Langlais
Sound design Thomas Turine
Lighting design Loïc Scuttenaire
Music David Bowie
Stage Manager Léopold De Neve alternating with Gaspard Samyn and Julien Vernay
Administration Pomme Vivane
Photos Ryszard Karcz

INTI Théâtre

The press


At Huy’s festival, Theater is getting rejuvenated
Far from the same old mawkishness still often used in Theater pieces for toddlers, David Bowie gives to this jubilant piece a density all at once psychedelic and cosmic. A pure delight !

Catherine Makereel – Le Soir

Bowie face to face with Ballon Bandit
Ballon Bandit is a refined and choreographed show set up on a background of pop rock music. A proof that dance show for toddlers can be powerfull.

Laurence Bertels – La Libre  

Balloon Bowie
A dance theater piece all at once funny, clever and full of emotions – A wonderfull moment, shared between toddlers and grown-ups.

Aliénor Debrocq – L’Echo

Calendar 2022-2023


Wed 24th August 2022
Festival Théâtre au Vert, Thoricourt (B)


Thu 22 and Fri 23rd September 2022
Centre culturel de Spa-Jalhay-Stoumont (B)

Sun 25th September 2022
Centre culturel de Libramont (B)

Thu 29th and Fri 30th September 2022
Centre culturel de Tubize (B)

Tue 4th October 2022
Centre culturel Le Sablon, Morlanwelz (B)

Fri 7th October 2022
Centre culturel de Braives (B)

Sun 16th and Mon 17th October 2022
Ferme de Martinrou, Fleurus (B)

Thu 20th October 2022
La Roseraie, Uccle (B)

Mon 7, Tue 8, Wed 9, Thu 10, Sat 12th November 2022
La montagne magique, Brussels (B)

Tue 22 November 2022
Maison culturelle d’Ath (B)

Thu 1st – Sun 4th December 2022
Vorstadttheater, Basel (CH)

Sun 18th – Wed 21st December 2022
Centre culturel de Rixensart (B)


Wed 28th December 2022
Centre culturel de Chimay (B)

Sat 7th January 2023
Le Vilar, Louvain-la-Neuve (B)

Tue 10th January 2023
Centre culturel d’Uccle (B)

Mon 16th, Tue 17th, Wed 18th January 2023
Centre culturel d’Athus, Aubange (B)

Tue 7th – Fri 10th February 2023
Centre culturel d’Andenne (B)

Sun 12th –  Thu 16th February 2023
Archipel 19, Centre culturel de Berchem-Sainte-Agathe et Koekelberg (B)

Mon 20th February 2023
Centre culturel de Mouscron (B)

Sun 5th – Sat 11th March 2023
Festival Tétralia Madrid (SP)

Mon 20th and Tue 21st March 2023
Centre culturel de Theux (B)


Thu 23rd and Fri 24th March 2023
Centre culturel de Stavelot – Trois-Ponts (B)

Tue 28th March 2023
MJC Calonne, Sedan (F)

Fri 7th and Sat 8th April 2023
MJC Croix, Wasquehal (F)

Wed 12th – Fri 21st, Mon 24th and Tue 25th April 2023
Action-Sud, Centre culturel de Viroinval (B)

Tue 23rd – Fri 26th May 2023
L’Arc en ciel, Liévin (F), MAC de Sallaumines (F), Espace Ronny Coutteure, Grenay (F)

Wed 31st May, Thu 1st, Fri 2nd June 2023
Centre culturel de Welkenraedt (B)

Wed 7th – Sat 10th June 2023
Théâtre de Namur (B)

Sun 11th – Thu 15th June 2023
Eden, Centre culturel de Charleroi (B)

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